Columbus 1492 Lancaster Restaurant

Our Approach

Top-Notch ingredients. Hand-crafted dishes. Talented Head Chef. Many secret recipes.

Blending Old World ingredients, with New World foods is a culinary art. One that requires our approach to tease the palette and create a masterpiece out of each bite.

Our Story

The orginial western explorer, Christopher Columbus secured funding for three sturdy ships, with the backing of Spain's royalty.  His goal was to secure a quicker route to India, a hub of exotic valuables such as silk, spices, and opiates.

In the year 1492, with unmatched courage, a burning desire to explore, and the backing of a King, Columbus sailed off westward from Castilian Palos de la Frontera, Spain.  Little would he know his journey would lead to the Discovery of the Americas, what is now known as the Western World.

Our Columbus 1492 Restaurant pays homage to the same spirit which pushed Columbus on a journey to India, but instead discovering the Americas.  And our menu looks is a fusion of South-Eastern and American flavors to celebrate this incredibly important history.

The Lancaster Pennsylvania area has been a melting pot for the old Amish ways and the new Modern amenities. Columbus 1492 follows the tradition of Lancaster and presents its guests with the classical flavors of Indian Cuisine with an infusion of American staples and an ethos of Discovering.